Liz Chesworth Counsellor Dip. ACC Accred. & Registered

Caring, Confidential Counselling in MONMOUTH

Phone and online video counselling available

Are you looking for a counsellor in 

Monmouth and wondering if counselling is for 


Perhaps you are struggling with your circumstances 

or you are having feelings that you don’t understand 

or are hard to live with. You might have choices to 

make that affect your future, but you find yourself 

stuck in uncertainty and confusion, not knowing 

which is the best way forward. Some problems can

leave you feeling isolated and left with little hope. 

Talking to family or friends does not always help to 

make things better. If you find yourself in such a 

position, counselling can offer the opportunity to

have empathetic support with what’s going on in your 


What is counselling?

Through this talking therapy I can help you to explore 

your feelings and understand yourself more fully. 

Together we can consider what choices may be open 

to you, I can help you clarify your goals and find your 

own solutions to your problems. Through walking the 

pathway of therapy with you, I can also provide 

techniques you can use, to help you manage to live 

your life more fully.


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